Introducing DelightFULL Lighting, for delightful living.

Can you imagine living immersed in the mid-century vibe? Now it is possible thanks to DelightFULL, a company that designs and manufactures lighting objects inspired by this golden age. Inspired by the style and design of the mid-20th century, DelightFULL is a design studio that, using materials and colors, revive the cheerful and glamorous spirit of a golden age. Unique objects, with a lot of charisma and especially with a modern twist that turn their products into icons. 

The #HeritageCollection is full of a broad selection of high quality lighting designs, versatile enough for many types of atmospheres and spaces. Heritage assorted 30’s, 40’s and 50’s Soul and Jazz inspired lamps takes on the legacy of – WISDOM – of men who craft with their own hands. Sculptural pieces that add personality to spaces providing elegance and sophistication.

DelightFULL Clark Pendant
DelightFULL Charles Pendant Lamp


If you are thinking of iconic lighting objects that highlight a space that will remain in your memory forever, you are thinking of DelightFULL. Inspired by mid-century illuminated signs, #TheGraphicCollection is a great way to highlight a corner or wall in your favorite spaces. All the letters have a unique and characteristic design. Combine them and create your words in a fun and original way. 


Without a doubt, DelightFULL products are truly a delight for any environment, a home, a commercial space, hotels, restaurants. Quality designs, materials and finishes that denote exclusivity and especially captivating shapes, colors and textures. A detail that will not go unnoticed in any space where they are.