Exploring materials to the fullest: Miniforms

Italian design has always been one of the most attractive attributes of this country. It always stands out among all the styles in the world for its refinement and elegance, but also for its humor and manual work. It must be said: Italians have always been the kings of trade, craftsmanship and virtuosity. It is not very difficult to realize this, every corner of Italy has a detail that embellishes and enhances everyday life. Walking through a city or town in Italy becomes a unique experience. That same sensation is generated by the products of Miniforms, a company from Venice that today, with more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture and design of furniture, is a reference all over the world.

Miniforms is a brand that has been able to interpret the characteristics of each material and explore with innovative processes, resulting in a unique and personal language that can be distinguished from miles away. But being a company with many years does not mean that its style is dated. On the contrary, Miniforms is at the forefront of global design, adapted to the times and constantly growing.

Another winning design is the incredible Soda table that vindicates the work of Venice's master glassmakers with its organic shapes and irregular textures, has won the hearts of Archiproducts juries and has become an icon for the brand. 

Soda is named after one of the three main ingredients of glass. It’s a way to celebrate this charming material. Available in two sizes and two colours, Amber and Petrol Green, the coffee table has a strong and iconic appeal, but it’s also flexible. Soda perfectly fits both homes and any public spaces.

This imposing coffee table easily becomes the center of attention. Its unique appearance makes this product quickly and easily recognizable, elevating any space. Its artisan manufacture prints a personal and individual stamp, a piece with high aesthetic value that never ceases to amaze as it transforms with the incidence of light thanks to its transparency and its shapes that modify the direction of the light creating brightness and sparkles in the environment where it is.


In fact, they receive praise from the most important design publications in the world and they are recognized with prestigious awards over other great international design firms.

The most recent award that Miniforms won was thanks to the collaborations made with the duo of Paolo Cappello and Simone Sabatti, who jointly designed the Ozz product line. It is a series of luminaires that went a little beyond the obvious and stand out for their functionality that often confuses those who observe them. 'Is it a lamp or is it a table?' ... it turns out that it is a Lamp WITH a table!

"The goal was to design a product where two different functionalities could coexist in a unique way" explain the designers. "Imagine the Ozz Floor Lamp as your new best friend, something you can always trust. The lighting towards the surface of the wood is here to support our needs: a pair of reading glasses, a book, a drink, everything that has a meaning for you."

Two heads are better than one. Perhaps that is why Ozz has that perfect synthesis between aesthetic beauty and functionality. Ozz is a three lamp family and each one has its own character. Ozz, Big Ozz & Wall Ozz are the three members of this sophisticated and functional family of lamps that are characterized by their curved and sensual shapes.



Miniforms is a company that lays its design foundations in collaboration with designers, and perhaps that is why all its products have different styles, but share a common element: the quality of their manufacture. All its products are manufactured in Italy by the hand of experienced master specialists and craftsmen.

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