Green & Conscious Lighting Design by Estiluz

Estiluz illuminates experiences with solutions designed for a lifetime. Gerard Masdeu Jordà, a young entrepreneur with great vision and a taste for design, counting on the mechanical experience of his father and the help of his brother, founded in 1969 Estiluz: a small company in a Sant Joan de les Abadesses workshop in Girona, Spain.

Estiluz has begun an internal transformation, both in its organization and in its facilities, to become a laboratory for creating innovative solutions in the world of lighting, respectful of society and the environment and aimed at a universal audience.

Design is part of the Estiluz culture. It is a value internalized and shared by the entire organization, which is reflected in everything that is done. Design is something alive, it evolves and Estiluz has dedicated the last few years to reflecting on the design of its future strategy, far beyond product aesthetics and brand image.


Estiluz is considered one of the most charismatic brands in the avant-garde industry and has been recognized internationally with an Honorable Mention in the European Design Management Award 2010 and the Silver Delta 2012 award for the originality of the Balloon lamp.

The Estiluz VOLTA lamp, designed by Nahtrang Studio, has been awarded in the last new edition of the MIAW awards (Muuuz International Awards) by a jury made up of professionals from the world of architectural benchmarks in the sector.

VOLTA is a pendant luminaire, with a curved metal body, aluminum heads and cylindrical acrylic lens diffusers (PMMA). It has transparent nylon cables and its height is adjustable. Extreme functionality with a sensual, delicate appearance and almost mystical beauty.

You can find the Estiluz Collection surfing our website. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about their products.