Let's end National Hispanic Heritage Month by celebrating Spanish Design

Spanish Design is synonymous with functional value, aesthetic beauty, and constructive quality. That is why this month we honor the greatest exponents of Spanish Design.

Over the years, Spanish designers have gained an important place on the international scene. Spanish design is now more than half a century old, it is in full maturity, both conceptual and material.

"Design is a way of solving problems”

That's what Javier Mariscal says, synthesizing the spirit of Spanish Design in one sentence. Mariscal and other renowned designers such as Patricia Urquiola or Jaime Hayón's can claim to be at the pinnacle of design and are considered to be among the greats internationally.



Good design, high quality, technological rigor, innovation, sustainability, durability and authenticity. Those are the values that identify Spanish design, especially Marset, which takes care of light in its different hues and effects to improve people's life quality.

Marset knows that lighting is the soul of indoor spaces and seeks that these spaces have something beyond the functional. The design of the Marset items is original, innovative and avant-garde; thus showing its capacity for renewal in forms and adaptation to new trends and styles.


"Collaborating with a designer is much more than betting on their design, it is trusting their talent, discovering new paths in lighting, exploring new ideas that add meaning to the brand and, together, making it grow."


"Good designs become classics"


André Ricard is an Spanish industrial designer who embodies the most important figure in Spanish design. Miguel Milá has achieved this with the design of Cesta and Cestita, two of the most successful Santa & Cole luminaires, inspired by the traditional lanterns that illuminate the houses on the Spanish coast. Santa & Cole is a small, independent and global design product publisher, with its roots in Belloch (Barcelona, Spain).



Vibia is a Spanish design brand with beautiful and distinctive fixtures. Each pendant lamp, wall lamp or floor lamp is a light object that decorates and enhances your rooms. Vibia plays with rhythm, with visual language and with colors. The result is sometimes very surprising and unique lighting. Therefore, it is not surprising that this Spanish lighting brand is conquering the whole world and that it is winning Design Awards all over the world.

Vibia works with designers Arik Levy and Stefan Diez and in this way the Vibia collection becomes very diverse and attractive. 

Antoni Arola is the designer of the Palma and Flamingo collection for Vibia. His projects touch very diverse fields: lighting projects, furniture pieces, interior design projects and exhibitions. With the Flamingo pendant lamp, you merge artistic experimentation through design with light research through the use of materials and LED technology.