Light up every space in your home with Vibia luminaires.

At ItsThyme we are celebrating Spanish Design, that is why we incorporate Vibia products to our catalog, a Spanish company that is recognized for innovation and sophistication, without sacrificing functionality. These days, when most people are working or studying at home, we spend many hours inside our home so it is necessary to have the correct lighting for each space and situation. Below we list some solutions that Vibia presents for the different rooms, providing elegance and functionality.


Dining room

The dining room, used for entertaining, is one of the most public spaces in a home. Therefore, it’s especially important that its design is at the highest level and lighting is part of it. In a house where many people lives, the dining room is usually in high demand. It’s usually the place that gathers family or friends and also a space that is frequently used for many other purposes besides eating.

To distinguish this important meeting place, Vibia proposes luminaires such as Algorithm, designed by Toan Nguyen, fuses beauty and geometry within a lighting system filled with magic, is customizable and adapts to all types of spaces. Algorithm illuminates in ambient light, and as if it were individual lamps, it offers fixed points of light on any area of ​​the table.



Work space

To create the optimal environment to #WFH (work from home), Vibia presents inspiring design ideas. In each of them, lighting plays a central role in helping you stay focused and efficient in a relaxed environment. With a laptop, lighting, and the right accessories, a desk can deliver similar features to an office or classroom. The Flex table lamp, designed by Ramos & Bassols, conceived as a basic accessory for workspaces where functional reading light levels are guaranteed. It adapts perfectly to any desk style and size. Powered by LED technology provides a superior light distribution that can be regulated using optical sensors integrated with the head allowing a variety of lighting effects: from intense to tenuous and warm, but always comfortable. Subtle beauty for contemporary workspaces.




The kitchen is usually the heart of any home. But there’s not only cook in them, it is often integrated into spaces where people eat breakfast, work or do school activities. The Palma pendant lamp, designed by Antoni Arola is a classic globe, slightly flattened here evolves towards a more organic form and the suspended version with almost imperceptible cable support accentuates the floating sensation. It is an elegant choice when it comes to lighting a breakfast bar. 

Palma will be transformed over time, once the designer has finished the first part of the job. The capacity for Palma to create ambiance within an interior setting increases with its growth like a luminous hanging garden.



Living Room

Perhaps the space that we most associate with relaxation. A place to read, watch a movie, listen to music or take a little nap, living rooms should offer warmth in every detail. For this reason, the Cosmos line, by Lievore Altherr Molina, adapts perfectly, camouflaging itself between pieces of art and design. This product line is characterized by its flat circular luminaires suspended from fine cables. Its minimalist lacquered discs reminds of intergalactic shapes floating in space, and the sobriety of soft tones of its spheres transmits calm and tranquility. Embedded in the opaque diffuser, the LEDs unify the whole and emit a soft glow. 

This is also a great option for your bedroom. The delicate and soft lighting provided by these lamps creates a perfect environment for relaxation and romance without neglecting elegance and sophistication. Floating over the nightstands on either side of the bed it provides an intimate and protective environment to end the day with a hug of light.

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