Bover Barcelona Lighting, inspired by the Mediterranean

Imagine the sea in front of you. Imagine the unique atmosphere of the Mediterranean islands and the sounds of the birds flying over you. The colors that stain the coast of the beach ... all that is reflected in Bover's designs. Passionate about design and crafts, Bover products are a tribute to the light and the Mediterranean way of life. After 20 years of experience in the market, which began as a sketch on a napkin for the project of an architect friend, has evolved and grown to become one of the leading companies in the contemporary lighting sector, with its own subsidiary in the United States. United and presence in more than 60 countries around the world.

Timeless and forever

The vision is clear: eternal design. A commercial line that maintains the balance between quality and shapes that give rise to a timeless style capable of having a future time without stridency. For Joana, founder of the company, Bover is a reflection of the professionalism and consultations of a team of people who live and feel the cultural world around them, creating new lighting experiences for everyone.


Bover Garota P/02 Outdoor Floor Lamp
Bover Amphora Floor Lamp


Made in Spain

Bover produces entirely in Barcelona, ​​exercising total control over its production chain and thanks to this it achieves excellent quality. Inspired by the Mediterranean Sea and its coasts, they use materials that remind us of one of its islands at sunset.

Big ideas

A distinctive factor of BOVER products are the dimensions, with large format products, designed for large spaces, which offer a high degree of comfort and lighting performance without disregarding the good technical features that facilitate the maintenance of the luminaires, A must-have feature for problems with large-scale projects.

Bover Beddy A/01 Wall Sconce
Bover Drip A/02 Wall Sconce
Bover Garota S/02 Pendant Light
Bover Dome Pendant Light