Made in Italy Week: a tribute to the greatest Italian designers and brands

"Made in Italy" is a designation of provenance that indicates that a product has been designed and manufactured entirely in Italy. Historically, Made in Italy was an expression used by Italian producers, especially from the eighties, in the context of a process of revaluation and defense of the Italianity of the product, with the aim of combating counterfeiting of artisanal production and Italian industrialist, especially in the four traditional sectors of fashion, food, furniture and mechanics (automobiles, industrial design, machinery and ships), italian products have achieved a good reputation, with corresponding commercial advantages. Remarkable qualities of realization, attention to detail, fantasy of design and shapes and durability, Italian products have historically been associated with quality, specialization, differentiation, elegance and origin from famous Italian industrial sectors.

Today, Made in Italy is the third most influential brand in the world after Coca Cola and Visa.

Many of the brands in our catalog originate from beautiful Italy and are a reflection of the culture and heritage that this country has in terms of design, architecture and manufacturing.



Quality, elegance, functionality and a brilliant combination of materials, that is what distinguishes PENTA, an Italian company whose designers include Joe Colombo, considered one of the most important #Italian #architects and designers in the world. international scene. He also works with emerging designers such as Cristian Mohaded, an #Argentine awarded designer around the world. PENTA designs and produces high quality lamps, with a contemporary design, 100% #MadeInItaly. While remaining faithful to their origins, they experiment with new solutions and, thanks to the development and use of cutting-edge technology, they enrich the Italian tradition with new expressive and aesthetic codes. 




Kartell is an emblematic brand of Italian design. Its products are icons of Italian culture that have become part of global culture. The brand works with some of the world's most famous, controversial and award-winning designers, and many of its products are featured on magazine covers.

The Kartell collection is multifunctional and transversal, easy to enjoy and with undoubted aesthetic appeal. Color, irony, play of the senses, transparencies and unique shapes for unique objects: the Kartell product is recognizable at first glance around the world for the emotion it gives, its long-lasting functionality and its indisputable quality.

Kartell has achieved an enviable series of important international awards over the years, including nine Compassi d'Oro and collaborated with the most important contemporary design firms, including Philippe Starck, Ron Arad, Tokujin Yoshioka, Mario Bellini and Nendo.




SELETTI is a charming brand that links design with pop art. It focuses on Italian characteristic creative excellence and design projects. Its collections contain art mixed with icons of everyday life, send a message of form and function, transmitting the vision of a unique, personal and fun lifestyle. Seletti has collaborated with renowned designers such as Studio Job and brands like Diesel and their products have a great reputation in specialized design and decoration magazines. 

Working under the slogan ‘revolution is the only solution’, Seletti focuses on design projects and creativity which characterizes italian excellence. each collection blends art with daily life icons, objects that convey a message of shape and function to embody a unique and fun lifestyle.