New Arrivals: Spectacular Outdoor Furniture Brands

February arrives, the second month of the year and it is time to renew. It is time to reinvent yourself, and with it, your home is also reinvented. Our team of experts is constantly on the lookout for brands and products that break the mold. We travel the world looking for innovative, fresh, beautiful and impressive products. We browse the most renowned decoration websites (and the most alternative blogs) looking for 'something' that catches our attention.

Every day we contact vendors from all over the planet in search of responsible, passionate designers and manufacturers who are eager to make their products known to our select community. This time we want to show you our discoveries and new additions to our catalog. We are proud to bring you the products that set trends in the world. We select them especially for you. Take a look at this curator of products for your patio or balcony. These are the new arrivals in the Outdoor section.



Concrete is a material that always surprises. Its characteristic color makes it very neutral so it can be easily combined. So at least the designers at CO33 think so who believe that gray is the current color trend for apartments, restaurants, hotels and shops.

CO33 manufactures its products with this noble material. The material concrete also has a wide range of gray color facets and furniture made of gray concrete not only has an ideal neutral color, but also has a fresh and modern look and harmonizes with all other colors perfectly.

Small pore openings and color differences make every concrete furniture piece something very special. Pleasant shades arise by various influences to which the concrete is exposed; such as differences in temperature, humidity and after-treatment (impregnation). The material transforms over time, and that is its main and most beautiful attribute. Create a wonderful harmony for the eye and opt for our concrete furniture with wood and metal elements. The combination of all 3 materials calms any living area in which they are used. Each of our products is unique. By manufacturing 100% handmade in conjunction with 100% natural material, each product appears with its own look.

The Opus Ignis Firebowl, which is a highlight in any garden or outdoor area. As a special feature, there is a perfectly shaped grill for those who love to BBQ. With our stylish Tabula Ignis fireplace table made of concrete, you can immerse your living area or terrace in warm light and create a cozy atmosphere.



Is there anything more beautiful than sitting by a campfire and gazing at the stars with a cozy blanket? This is probably one of your guilty pleasures. Curonian is a brand that specializes in the design of fire pits. From Northern Europe, they manufacture products in steel combined with wood and glass creating balanced objects of modern design and neat style.

They believe that a well-designed product is capable of prompting different reactions from different people. To achieve this they dare to experiment but at the same time pay great attention to practicality and functionality of the objetcs they design.
During their manufacturing process they combine craftsmanship with the use of latest technologies. This allows them to ensure the highest quality and aesthetically pleasing look of the products.

Tilsit Wood Burning Fire Pit is a contemporary design, high quality, hand-finished solid steel modern fire pit. Its features will complement many outdoor decors, both in winter and summer. This modern fire pit is suitable for different landscape settings and decorative choices.

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Aggy is a design brand that produces furniture, founded with the purpose of making outstanding, high-quality furniture and making it accessible to its customers. The brand was born into a family with a passion for design, with the purpose of offering outstanding design and quality products. Manufactured in Lithuania, Aggy's products are rooted in the Northern European design tradition, characterized by functionality, quality, and clean design aesthetics. They work with local workshops to produce everything in Lithuania to ensure that they provide a sustainable and long-lasting product. Aggy products have been recognized by the design community, prestigious media such as "Design Milk", exhibited internationally in Milan, Paris, Barcelona.

Inspired by smooth shapes of seaside elements such as surfing board, its light weight so it can be easily moved. As a lounger it is very comfortable because as you lie down your legs slightly go up so they can relax better. 



iSiMAR has industrial origins and Mediterranean roots. With more than 50 years in the manufacture of metal furniture, they have become experts in the development of outdoor furniture, having the necessary knowledge to design furniture that withstands outdoor environments. ISiMAR products are always exposed to humid and highly corrosive environments, but have been designed to survive in such environments.

ISiMAR's style is contemporary. Visually light, they blend seamlessly into any architectural style, creating clean, modern, comfortable and functional spaces. ISiMAR products are the result of the combination of these attributes, the use of natural materials, our industrial experience (which brings together production technologies with craftsmanship acquired over decades) and its roots as a genuine and healthy Mediterranean country that likes to share memories and life's experiences.

Inspired by the French taste for design, NIZA is a redesign of an armchair that iSiMAR used to fabricate years ago. This elegant collection brings you to the old times. Somewhere between modern & vintage with an original tubular structure combined with a wire seat.