Tala Lighting: High Design in High Efficiency LED Bulbs

Tala is an award-winning lighting brand, founded on the premise that good design can help mitigate climate change. From their London, UK-based studio, they explore the tension between sustainability, technology and design through their extensive collections.

When Joshua Ward, Maxwell Wood, and William Symington launched their first collection of LED fixtures, they sought to address a trio of challenges: longevity, carbon emissions, and most of all, design.

Joshua Ward, one of its founders, describes old-school LED bulbs as "tough, ugly, blue-tinted products that no one would want to buy." In this way, the trio began sketching designs while they were still students at the University of Edinburgh in 2013. For their designs they focused on beauty and designed traditional but attractive light bulbs that they tested in the market with the most demanding clients: the rooms. of the London high-end lighting exhibition. The response was very positive. From there, they expanded into more contemporary forms and artifacts.


From sculptural mouth blown bulbs to traditional Edison style bulbs, Tala specializes in energy efficient LED lighting solutions for residential and commercial use.

Using the latest energy-saving technology and equipped with superior components, Tala bulbs last up to 10 years and are compatible with most standard lighting fixtures.

Tala light bulbs create an instant atmosphere, ideal for your home office, nightstand, or to add light accents in your living space. Tala-designed fixtures are made from responsibly sourced hardwoods and lightweight aluminum, with tactile dimmers to fully maximize our Dim to Warm technology. 

Designed to celebrate the beauty of the light bulb, the Knuckle Table Lamp is an elegant table lamp that offers a simple, honest aesthetic that can enhance any interior.

Combining a cylinder of rich brown FSC-certified walnut with a satin brass-finish base, this is a versatile table lamp that you can combine with any of the LED bulbs from Tala. It is ideal for illuminating a desk, shelf or bedside table with focussed, functional light.



With each iteration of the design, they have focused on using high-quality, durable materials, for example favoring glass over plastic, and fusing traditional materials and processes with new LED technologies that use 90 percent less energy and last longer. . 10 to 15 times more than normal incandescent bulbs.

The idea is that consumers buy sustainability through inherently attractive products, and not primarily because they are sustainable. This was the focus of Tala, which it still maintains today for the production of all its products.

However, and beyond the company's efforts to reduce the impact of its products during the use stage, Tala produces its own carbon emissions, a problem that the company tries to offset through a rigorous reforestation effort that has resulted in resulted in the planting of more than 40,000 trees. Also, selects methods and materials behalf their environmental impact, and remain committed to reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere. By choosing Tala, you are helping to restore a healthy planet for future generations.



Tala creates simple lighting solutions, combining essential lighting elements to create captivating and warm luminaires for spaces. The infinite combinations between bulbs and luminaires allow you to customize the luminaires according to your tastes and styles, adapting perfectly to all spaces.

Inspired by the nature of the materials with which they manufacture their products, the fixtures are designed to adapt to any home, office or commercial space. A combination of elegant pendants and touch lamps made from sustainably sourced wood and metal allow for a host of options when defining a design.

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