Designs from Spain: Introducing Santa & Cole

Santa & Cole is a small, independent and global editor of design products. They have been editing since 1985, when the company was first founded. By editing we mean preparing a work for the public domain, we mean adapting an item for everyone’s use. What a book editor does with stories, we do with objects. Established itself in more than 70 countries around the world. Dedicated to quality and conscious design that avoids a consumer society, a great challenge that it makes her stand out and highlight the value of her creations. Santa & Cole is a company dedicated to industrial design, an art that consists of focusing on everyday objects to seek a better experience in their use, leading us to reflect on the culture of the material with a clear philosophy: not to accumulate but to select; which leads us to not enjoy quantity but rather quality.


Cesta Table Lamp

At Santa & Cole they take seriously their responsibility as creators of new objects for the world, ensuring that they are reasonable and durable, that they thrill for beautiful and satisfying, that they are of recognizable quality and that they add value to the lives of their users. The brand believes in creating useful, sober and effective objects, typical of a non-consumer culture. A philosophy of eclectic, futuristic and postmodern taste, of rationality and balance, where silence meets stridency.

The brand is organized around four main themes: Interior, with furniture and lighting, Urban, with urban equipment and exterior lighting, Forestry, with trees for urban reforestation, and finally Books. Santa & Cole is a standard-bearer of Spanish design in the world, entrusting its designs and projects to renowned designers and architects from Spain, betting on both established professionals and talented young people to recognize, valuing their ability to contribute ideas, new reflections and different perspectives on the world in which I live.

Recently, the firm has participated in the latest edition of NYFW, the most important fashion week in the American continent, designing the scenery for the designer Christopher John Rogers show, starting a relationship with the United States.
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