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CERNO is synonymous with friendship. A company founded between three friends from California who grew up together in the heavenly city of Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach's creative culture and natural environment shaped its professional and aesthetic ideals. 

CERNO is a company that designs or manufactures products in California, generating a constant and reliable feedback loop that improves day by day. They have a lot of respect for materials, crafts and the work team, promoting creativity, innovation and manual work.

Its products are difficult to classify, and its aesthetic is somewhere between modernism and contemporary design. Accessories are minimal, as each feature is purposeful and elegantly executed with authentic materials nurturing and supporting California craftsmanship and skilled workforce.

For almost a decade they have been manufacturing modern accessories making innovations in incandescent and LED lighting, using new technologies that improve efficiency, quality and beauty.


“When we were children, we were surrounded by people who used their hands and their minds - people who found ways to earn a living doing what they love. Naturally, we made art, rebuilt ships, experimented with launching our own mini-businesses, and explored the west coast together. Looking back, it is now clear that our childhood projects and experiments turned into our best adventure yet: building Cerno. ”