We start the year by renewing our catalog: New Year, New Brands.

A new year begins and we are filled with the desire to renew ourselves. That is why we went out to travel the world in search of new brands that have innovative, sustainable, original and above all, beautiful products.

At ItsThyme we study design trends and we have a team of architecture and interior design professionals who are in contact with design leaders around the world. We visit fairs and exhibitions to select products and brands that make a difference, design and manufacture meaningful objects.

We want to share this beginning of the year with you, our community, who have accompanied us throughout the year that ends, and we believe that there is no better way to honor you than to offer you news in our catalog. We present to you some of the new arrivals that are already available.




Curiosity and precision are at the heart of Nyta’s development process, resulting in smart and beautifully designed luminaires. Carefully chosen materials perfectly blend in with traditional artisanship and digital technologies.

Every design detail and every part of the manufacturing process is calibrated to achieve an overall effect of clarity and finesse. Attention to detail while retaining a reductionist style as well as a high quality standard make Nyta luminaires a lifelong and sustainable companion.

Manufacturing takes place in Europe, which makes for short delivery chains and more transparent production and communication. Over the years, Nyta built committed and friendly relationships with many partners. 

Honoring their slogan, “Enjoy Light!”, Nyta aspires to create meticulously designed products that fit seamlessly in to everyday life. All founding members of Nyta fully involve themselves in the manufacturing process, ensuring the purity of their original designs until they are completed. This passion permeates their designs, exhibiting a self-evident functionality in their lighting with keen sense of style.

Winner of the German Design Award in 2015 under the Excellent Product Design category, the Nyta Tilt Pendant adjusts to any lighting need. Like a performance piece, the Tilt is not resolved to a static placement in space; the tilting and swiveling of the shade adapts to the needs of the room, expressing functionality with a crisply minimalistic style. Tilt emanates an open and soft light, and directs it exactly where it is needed. Easy, intuitive handling allows turning and swiveling the shade along its oblong opening in every direction. It works like a cupped reflector that you can freely move around the light source, thus gathering the light and directing it towards the space or object you want to illuminate.

The matt finish of the metal shade, the guiding peg made from stainless steel as well as the cloth-covered cord make for a high-quality and classy appearance in every conceivable environment. A self-fastening hanging mechanism provides solid purchase and cleanly holds the lamp in position.



Inspired by rugged landscapes and clear blue waters, dramatic horizons reflected in breath-taking fjords, Northern combine beauty with functionality using natural materials and genuine craftsmanship. Oslo-based Northern has set the high bar where aesthetics are concerned, not a surprise given the company’s Norwegian roots. Steeped in the lofty design principles for which the region is known, the manufacturer bills itself as a serious Mood Maker, and its products prove the stance is spot-on as its lighting sets the tone for spaces ranging from mid-century modern chic to light-hearted contemporary. 

Northern’s design is simplicity at its best, spelled out in streamlined designs that are fun to combine and easy to clash and contrast. Smoked wood, twilight colours and strong silhouettes create subdued moods, while subtle geometries and classic sensibilities add an elegant touch.

Their creative reach goes beyond their Norwegian heritage to meet the modern need for laid-back luxury and cutting-edge cool. Northern’s designs can energise and inspire, create a relaxing mood, or set the scene for a soothing backdrop. Designed with the potential to make any setting unique, Northern’s products add atmosphere as they reveal a new vision for Nordic style. Northern is a young, fun and playful company with a love of lighting at its core.


Schneid Studio
Having 'Schneid' is the German equivalent to 'being bold', which is what puts the essence of our philosophy in a nutshell. Schneid Studio strives for enduring and elegant products which are mindful and meet the modern Zeitgeist in a courageous way.
Using natural raw materials, striking colors and bold shapes we create mood and atmosphere.They believe in sustainability and are dedicated to solid craftsmanship. This is why they support local manufacturers, keep delivery routes short and work together with people who are practicing their jobs with passion­­.
Schneid have an holistic view of sustainability. Their entire process of creation is soaked with the fundamental concept of creating fascinating objects with ethical value. For them, working sustainably also entails sharing the vision and enhancing sensitivity in order to elevate the consumer’s perception of craftsmanship and artisanship.
Schneid products are the result of a process characterized by formative research work and conception to the close cooperation with local manufacturers. At the heart of their business lies the approach ‘form follows meaning’. For this reason their strive to further ethical aesthetics and believe that the close correlation of the two constitutes a crucial base for extraordinary and timeless design.
Inspired by heritage techniques and the masterly skills of trained professionals, they maintain strong, long-term relationships with small local businesses where manual skills have traditional value. The independent and self-directed production of their designs ensures authentic and high quality products and enables them to support these workshops, aiming to create new markets for age-old art forms.